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45/100 gifs of my perfect namja Kai [the way he stares at you~ (◉‿◉✿)]

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baekchen's actions don't always match their words. or: the clingy codependent boyfriends who don't realize they are clingy codependent boyfriends. (….or do they~?)

(192/) Yixing gifs: yixing talking to his friend lay~

10 things I hate about you A story of every Closet Blinger’s worst nightmare.
No.6  That tongue *~*
140402HEC ‘Best of Best’ Concert in Nanjing

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When his eyes sparkle like little diamonds in the sky

for khae there you go you have your krease

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Jackson being his usual jealous self on wgm

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53/∞ layhan moments: luhan’s “我爱你们” and yixing’s constant pointing and gestures towards the birthday boy ♥